This is the documentation site for MeetingRoomMap.

What is MeetingRoomMap?

MeetingRoomMap is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to visually show locations on your own floorplans. Floorplans are uploaded as images. The following types of locations can be mapped:

  • Meeting rooms (automatically listed from the meeting rooms defined in Office 365)

  • People (automatically listed from Azure AD)

  • Custom locations (your own categories of locations, i.e. printers, desks, fire extinguisher, defibrillators)

The MeetingRoomMap suite consists of:

  • An admin website ( to upload your own floorplan images and visually map locations to these floorplans.

  • A series of Office add-ins for Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint to search and display the mapped locations.

  • A reservation system for handling reservations based on visually making a reservation of mapped entities (i.e. of desks in a flexible office setup). The reservations system is integrated as an app for Microsoft Teams.

Where should I go next?

  • Getting Started: Go to the ‘Getting Started’ section to get help setting up MeetingRoomMap in your company.
  • Admin Core tasks: Check out the guide for common tasks on the admin website.
  • Using the add-ins: See this section for using the different add-ins.