Getting Started

Setting up MeetingRoomMap and installing add-ins

This section describes the steps needed to start using MeetingRoomMap.


Microsoft Office 365

The add-ins are made for the Office 365 suite, and MeetingRoomMap registers as an application in Azure AD and expects users to log in with a valid Azure AD/Office 365 account. Meeting rooms and people to map are fetched from Azure AD. Thus an active Office 365 subscription is needed.

Using the admin website and add-ins of MeetingRoomMap, requires a paid subscription plan - see Sign-up for MeetingRoomMap subscription. The subscription is obtained through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and billed monthly through the Azure billing.

Before starting to use the admin website or any of the add-ins, an administrator must grant consent to MeetingRoomMap - see Granting consent to the MeetingRoomMap service.

Installation of add-ins

The different Office add-ins are all available in the Microsoft AppSource store:

Install one or more of the above add-ins as needed. Follow the installation guide below for each of the add-ins.

Granting consent to the MeetingRoomMap service

Before using the MeetingRoomMap admin site or any of the add-ins, an Azure/Office365 Tenant administrator needs to give consent.

Assign editor role

Users and groups can be assigned the editor role to delete floorplan images, remove mapped locations, etc.

Install Outlook add-in

The Outlook add-in provides users to view the location of meeting rooms from within Outlook meetings.

Install web parts for SharePoint and Teams

The SharePoint web parts enables users to search and view meeting rooms, people and custom locations in both SharePoint and Teams.

Install Teams Bot

The Teams bot lets users interact with a bot to query and display meeting rooms, people, and custom locations as well as get information and a map of the user’s upcoming meetings.

Install Reservations Teams add-in

The reservations add-in for Teams enables users to visually perform reservations for desks or other custom locations defined.

Sign-up for MeetingRoomMap subscription

Using the admin site or any of the Office add-ins requires an active subscription for MeetingRoomMap.