Granting consent to the MeetingRoomMap service

Before using the MeetingRoomMap admin site or any of the add-ins, an Azure/Office365 Tenant administrator needs to give consent.

The MeetingRoomMap service is being registered as an application in Azure Active Directory (AAD) and requires a few permissions in the target AAD to function.

To grant consent to MeetingRoomMap, click on “Enroll your company in MeetingRoomMap” on the front page of the admin site ( or go directly to this link:

Learn more about granting admin consent here:


When granting consent the following list of delegated permissions are requested:

The table below indicates the usage and justification of each individual delegated permission:

Permission Microsoft internal name Description
Read all company places Place.Read.All Allow to read list of company’s places (meeting rooms and room lists). Needed to map meeting rooms defined in Azure AD to floorplans.
Maintain access to data you have given it access to offline_access Maintain access to data you have given it access to.
Read user mailbox settings MailboxSettings.Read Allow to read users mailbox settings. Add-ins need timezone info from mailbox settings to display correct dates/time for displaying meetings.
Sign in and read user profile User.Read Needed in order to sign in as a user and get basic user profile info.
Read all users' full profiles User.Read.All Read other users profiles. Needed to get OfficeLocation attribute in order to use MeetingRoomMap to map co-workers and used to facilitate search for co-workers.
Read user calendars Calendars.Read Allows the app to read events in your calendars. Outlook add-in needs this to access the current meeting and Teams Bot uses this to show your next meetings.
Access MeetingRoomMap (MeetingRoomMap) N/A Allow the admin site and add-ins to access the MeetingRoomMap backend API on behalf of the signed-in user.

What’s next?

  • Assign editor role: Assign users/groups the editor role in order to delete floorplans and mappings.
  • Outlook add-in: Install the Outlook add-in to show location of meeting rooms inside Outlook meetings.
  • Web parts for SharePoint and Teams: Install the SharePoint web parts for searching and displaying rooms, users, and custom locations in SharePoint pages and Teams.