Assign editor role

Users and groups can be assigned the editor role to delete floorplan images, remove mapped locations, etc.

All users signed into the admin website can upload new floorplan images and create mappings (rooms, people, and custom locations). A standard user does not, however, have the ability to:

  • Delete a floorplan (including all existing mappings related to this floorplan)
  • Remove (or re-assign) an existing mapping (room, person or custom location)

To enable these actions, a user must be assigned the role “MeetingRoomEditor”:

  1. Go to the Enterprise Application “MeetingRoomMap” in Azure AD ( Azure portal -> Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications -> All applications -> select “MeetingRoomMap”)
  2. Select “Users and groups”
  3. Select “+ Add user/group” (or edit of the user is already listed with role “Default access”)
  4. Select the needed user/group and ensure the role “MeetingRoomEditor” is selected. Click “Assign”.

What’s next?

  • Outlook add-in: Install the Outlook add-in to show location of meeting rooms inside Outlook meetings
  • Web parts for SharePoint and Teams: Install the SharePoint web parts for searching and displaying rooms, users, and custom locations in SharePoint pages and Teams.