Install Reservations Teams add-in

The reservations add-in for Teams enables users to visually perform reservations for desks or other custom locations defined.

The reservation system is built as a Teams app. The Desk Reservations app is available in the Microsoft App store:

Prepare Desk Reservations for all users

To prepare Desk Reservations to be used for the company, a Teams administrator should grant org-wide permissions:

1. Go to Microsoft Teams admin center -> Teams apps -> Manage apps and search for “Desk reservations”

2. Select Desk Reservations app and go to the “Permissions” tab. From here click “Review permissions” and accept permissions

The following list of permissions are granted:

Permission Microsoft internal name Description
Sign in and read user profile User.Read Needed in order to sign in as a user and get basic user profile info.
Read all users' basic profiles User.ReadBasic.All Read other users basic profiles. Needed to be able to show names of Team member bookings.
Have full access to user files Files.ReadWrite Allows the app to read, create, update and delete the signed-in user’s files. Using OneDrive’s app folder to store user specific settings (i.e. default floorplan/desk etc.)
Read the members of teams TeamMember.Read.All Read the members of teams, on behalf of the signed-in user. Needed to get reservations from other team members.
Read the members of channels ChannelMember.Read.All Read the members of channels, on behalf of the signed-in user. Needed to get members when add-in is in a private channel.
Read the names and descriptions of teams Team.ReadBasic.All Read the names and descriptions of teams, on behalf of the signed-in user.
Read the names and descriptions of channels Channel.ReadBasic.All Read the names and description of channels, on behalf of the signed-in user.
Access MeetingRoomMap (MeetingRoomMap) N/A Allow the admin site and add-ins to access the MeetingRoomMap backend API on behalf of the signed-in user.
                                                                                                                                                                 |   |

Installing Desk reservations in Teams

Once an administrator has granted permissions, any user can add the Desk reservations app in Teams - either in a Teams channel or as a personal tab. Click “Add a tab” from within any channel or use the “Apps” button and search for “Desk reservations”:

If added from “Apps” button, then the user can choose to add the app as a personal tab or add it to a specific Team. As a personal tab the app can be pinned like any other app.

What’s next?

Assign ReservationsAdmin role

Users and groups can be assigned the ReservationsAdmin role to be able to view and delete any users reservations