Sign-up for MeetingRoomMap subscription

Using the admin site or any of the Office add-ins requires an active subscription for MeetingRoomMap.

Using the admin website and add-ins of MeetingRoomMap, requires a paid subscription plan - see The subscription is obtained through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and billed monthly through the Azure billing.

1. Go to the MeetingRoomMap in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and click “Get It Now” (sign-in and fill out contact form if needed)

After selecting "Get It Now" you are redirected to the Azure portal

2. In the Azure portal, Select the desired plan and click “Subscribe”

3. Select location (Azure subscription resource group) and name for the MeetingRoomMap SaaS ressource -> then click “Review + subscribe” and “Subscribe” on the final confirmation page

4. Click “Configure account now” once SaaS resource has been deployed

5. After being redireted to MeetingRoomMap admin website - Click “Activate subscription”